I never even imagined how much better our garden could be, until we incorporated a few suggestions from Heidi Tarver.  We had inherited a pretty front yard when we moved into our Oakland Hills house: a few rose bushes, several rosemary plants and other nice vegetation.  But the place got so much better thanks to Heidi’s input.
For starters, Heidi suggested replacing the three “woody” rosemary bushes, with some colorful perennials and other plants of varying sizes more appropriate to our small space.  Even though my husband didn’t like the idea of changing anything, he went along.  What a marvelous transformation ensued — and it was affordable.  Our garden is now more colorful (and I no longer have to shop for cut flowers because I have them right out our front door), more interesting (rather than the boring rosemary bushes, we now watch the color and texture evolve with the seasons) and the hummingbirds seem to like it too.  Lots more of them.  We still have enough rosemary for our kitchen needs, as well as room for other herbs and gorgeous flowy grasses. Our garden delivers more delight than we ever expected possible, thanks to Heidi’s ideas.

-Diane A.


i would highly recommend heidi tarver. not only is she an amazing

gardner, she has a vision of what your garden can look like based on

your preferences.  i had a backyard full of dirt and weeds because i

have a brown thumb and she helped design a beautiful, low care garden

that has made the deck outside our house feel like a new room.  she is

very low key, easy to work with, does not push her own ideas but

really wants to give YOU what you want.  she can also recommend

workers she has used before to implement the plan.  her rate is very

reasonable and well worth it.  her number is: 510-928-5591

– Kasey


Heidi Tarver is an experienced and knowledgeable east bay gardener who can assist you with every aspect of creating a beautiful garden space. She will assess your microclimate, trouble shoot an existing garden, take you on a plant shopping trip, teach you how to plant, weed, prune, etc. She has a blog with seasonalgardening suggestions appropriate to the east bay, and her prices are really reasonable. Just check it out, and you will be glad you did.

– Raleigh


One way to tell how great a gardener and garden designer Heidi is, is to see her own garden. It’s fluid, and a little wild, and breath-takingly colorful, and full of surprises everywhere you turn. Layers and levels and combinations of colors and textures and unusual materials and flourishes…as an artist, she’s conscious of all the interactions. She has inspired big-picture vision, a great eye, and a very green thumb. She’s also cost conscious, listens to what her clients want, and helps them create beautiful outdoor spaces.

-Lesley Quinn


I enthusiastically recommend Heidi Tarver as a garden coach. I had never heard of garden coaching until a friend told me about Heidi, but I’m so glad I found her. She came to my house and helped me identify my goals for redesigning my garden, then wrote up a step by step plan that I could follow in order to implement my plan. One of the most useful aspects was her availability to trouble shoot over the phone. She also made several return trips to my home to evaluate my progress and help me adjust my plans for the next step. All in all it was a very positive experience, and I went from knowing almost nothing about gardening to developing the skills and confidence I need to take my garden to the next level. Her rates are really reasonable, and she is extremely supportive. So if you want to learn how to create a garden, or have some skills but want to take it to the next level, I’d give her a call. Good luck with your garden!

-Maxine B.


I can heartily recommend Heidi as your garden coach. In addition to
being an experienced and talented gardener, she has lots of teaching
experience and will help you to develop your very own ”green
thumb”. You won’t find a nicer person to work with on making your
garden into your own personal paradise! Heidi has advised me on
improving my garden for several years. My garden has become an oasis
that relaxes and soothes me, and it’s even low maintenance!
Heidi Tarver heiditarver@gmail.com 510-928-5591



I hired Berkeley Garden Coach Heidi Tarver for the first time this summer, and I’m really glad I did. I had several garden projects that I had been putting off for years, mainly because I had no idea how to get started. Heidi helped me identify my projects, and then she mapped out the steps for me and gave me suggestions as to plants, soil amendment, and mulching. She also put me in touch with some great professionals to help with irrigation and maintenance. If you have garden projects and don’t know where to start, I recommend you get in touch with her.

Angela H., Oakland


Just wanted to let you know that Mark and I are absolutely delighted with our new garden! For the first time in the 8 years we have lived in the house, we look forward to going up to the garden when we get home from work. We wander around, enjoying the plants (which are growing rapidly!) and pulling little weeds that detract from the beauty.  There’s still work to do, but it’s truly a little oasis.  Thanks again!

– Carolyn L.


Hi Heidi, We are absolutely loving our garden!  It is great to be able to walk outside and pick flowers, now we always have fresh flowers in the house.  And we have enjoyed quite a bounty from our little veggie patch!  You were right that the existing raised bed is a perfect spot for veggies and it looks great. Thank you again for the practical and spot-on advice about how to make small changes to make our yard so much more enjoyable!

Best, Amanda

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