Before the rains begin…

8 Oct

With autumn in full swing, it’s time to begin putting the garden to bed for the winter, as well as planting for a beautiful spring bloom. Spent flowers and dead plant material should be pruned away, but major pruning should not be attempted until plants go dormant in a few months time. Mulch can be placed around and in between plants to minimize weeds next spring.

There are lots of spring blooming  bulbs available right now at local nurseries – it’s a great time to begin planning for a beautiful spring display. Go take a look, and ask your neighborhood nursery for specific planting instructions for each variety you select.

Now is also an excellent time to plant perennials. If you have space in your garden for some new plants, now would be the time to put them in. Planting now allows them to establish themselves over the winter months so that you will get a more abundant bloom next spring and summer.

Here is an interesting website that you might want to check out. Researchers at Cornell University experimented with all sorts of bulb and perennial plant combinations and came up with 44 different combinations that include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses, as well as a number of minor bulbs such as scillas, dwarf iris, alliums and winter aconites, partnered with perennials from asters to ornamental rhubarb. The site is not specific to our area, but there are many combinations that would work well in the Bay Area, so take a look.

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