September – will the sun finally shine?

26 Aug

September is often the hottest month in the Bay Area, and a time to enjoy the fruits of summer planting. I don’t have a vegetable garden per se, but I love to plant vegetables interspersed with the flowers, and now is the time  when tomatoes  can be enjoyed, both for their beauty and at the table!

Because of the heat, the biggest issue in September is making sure that the garden is sufficiently hydrated. If you haven’t done so earlier in the season, now is a good time to mulch your beds (you can make use of falling leaves as well as commercial mulch) for water retention, and to help control weeds when spring comes. Continue with pruning away spent flowers, clearing areas where annuals have finished blooming, and weeding as needed.

Dahlias are one of the most spectacular plants that are still in bloom in September. If you have dahlias, make sure they are staked and dead head frequently to prolong the bloom season. If you don’t have dahlias and would like to give them a try, or want to learn more about growing this spectacular flower, check out this website for lots of info on growing dahlias in the Bay Area:

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